Time Machine Calming Gift Set


Harmonizing Kbeauty set contains:


Storyderm Timemachine Calming line combines anti-stress, anti-inflammatory line of products for irritated, damaged & sensitive skin. Excellent for would healing and red skin.

Harmonizing Kbeauty set contains:

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Timemachine Clean – Water micellar type cleanser with anti-inflammatory benefits increases skin’s resistance to environmental factors. It soothes irritation & has an anti-redness effect.

Timemachine Aqua – Soothing toner strengthens vascular walls & reduces swelling & redness. It repairs the skin barrier & help control hot flushes.

Timemachine Calming Mask – Refreshing gel single use sheet mask nourishes the skin & strengthens the capillaries. It forms a protective barrier while boosting hydration.

Timemachine Hyal 1000 – Premium gel with 100% Aloe Vera intensively moisturizes, regenerates & soothes skin inflammation. Sodium Hyaluronate 10% instantly hydrates, repairing the skin barrier.

Shape Memory Repair – Pudding-like heavy cream effectively restores & revitalized the skin with a unique technology. Improving overall complexion, strengthening skin barrier.