Protein Formula Nail Treatment – I Hydrate


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Size: 15ml

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Why you need it
Sophisticated and breathable Protein Formula 3 contains a rich concentration of AHA’s and Panthenol to help hydrate the nails and increase nail flexibility, defending the nails from brittleness and breakage. Active moisturising plant keratin proteins and Glycerin combine to leave the nails feeling conditioned and healthy. The breathable formulation allows oxygen and hydration to pass through the Protein Formula and condition the nails.

How to use
Apply one coat of Protein Formula 3 every other day. Remove after 7 days with non-acetone remover and
repeat. Continue this until nail condition improves, then move onto Protein Formula 1.

Key Ingredients
Protein – to leave nails healthy and conditioned
AHA’s – to promote cell turnover and strengthen
Probiotics – to prevent damage
Glycerin – to moisturise and brighten
Panthenol – to aid hydration and antioxidant
Hexanal – to increase flexibility